Our Vision

Our vision is that no person in Australia will go without a roof over their head whilst a set of spare keys hangs on a wall.

What We Do

Our mission

To end Australia’s homeless accommodation crisis. Forever.

Our guiding principles

We believe there is no reason why, in the 21st century, there should be 80,000 empty hotel rooms in Australia on an average night, tens of thousands of empty holiday homes, granny flats and spare rooms going unused every week, and 100,000+ people without a roof over their heads.

We believe no person should have to sleep on the street, in their car, or under a bridge while there are spare keys hanging on a wall.

How it works

Spare Keys acts as a bridge between hotels and individuals who have empty rooms, and emergency and temporary accommodation providers who find rooms for the homeless, victims of domestic violence, families staying away from home whilst their loved ones receive hospital treatment, and other people for whom booking a room at a hotel or on AirBnB is not an option due to cost, or some other form of disadvantage..

Those with spare keys to donate can register their rooms in our database, and those who provide emergency accommodation can search our system via a secure login and match the needs of their clients with available rooms.

Contact us if you would like register a set of keys, search for accommodation, or find out more information – or, meet some of the people we’ve helped along the way.

Our History

Spare Keys was founded in 2016 by Matt Granfield, a Queensland tourism industry executive.

Our Board



Matt is Group Director of Digital at Minor Hotels, a global hotel group with 500+ properties across 54 countries. He is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Treasurer/Company Secretary

Ian Beaton, CA BIF

Formerly a Director in Ernst and Young’s audit division, Ian is currently General Manager of Financer at Sunland, one of Australia’s largest listed property developers. He is also a non-executive director and Company Secretary of Millen Farm Ltd, a non-profit urban community farming group.

Non Executive Directors

Penny Massey, BJournalism

Penny is a digital director, certified ScrumMaster and design thinker. She also works in digital product management for Brisbane’s economic development board and sits on the board of Motley Farms, an agtech enterprise delivering automated farming systems.

Spare Keys is a Registered Charity

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