Matt Granfield Judging Wine Matt Granfield (foreground) judging wine whilst Molly Granfield (background) judges Matt for being a wanker.

Thinking there had to be a more interesting way of writing about wine than trotting out tired cliches involving pepper and plums, Red White and Brew editor, Matt Granfield, turned the wine review world on its head when he started taste-testing Penfolds Grange Hermitage against wine made from supermarket grapes and bread yeast, and comparing big-bodied Shirazes to Mike Tyson’s boxing career. The result is a deeply serious, tongue-in-cheek guide to wine, beer and other brew from Australia and New Zealand. Most of which is chewed over, rather than spat out.

Matt spent some time as a journalist in the late 1990s, wrote a book about Hipsters in 2011 and since then has been a vigneron in Qld’s Darling Downs, growing mostly Tempranillo and making fairly awful and bizarre blends of over-fertilised old-world varietals. He reviews wine and writes about his adventures in wine-making for a number of Australian publications.

If you were really bored, or had too much time on your hands, you could read more about his personal shenanigans at or catch up some other, considerably random musings in the ‘random‘ section of Red White and Brew.